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You are more than welcome to contact FilmGEAR Rental by phone: 045 70220302 or e-mail : filmgear@filmgear.dk.

Alternatively use the on-line form, and we will get right back.


The more info you provide, the better FilmGEAR can help, delivering exactly what you need.

We need your contact data, company info and production details and pick-up dates. Please note that if it's a new company or it is the first time we do business, we need a bit more info, such af VAT number, in order to process the request.


If it is simple enough and you know what you need, fill in the blanks and place the order.


Do you need us to make a quote in the first place, give the needed data here and we will get back in a Jiffy.


If it's not that specific, send us a request; do you have 'Vintage Lamps for Rent?' (yes). 'We need a studio next week, get back on what's available' (having a lot of studios, we can most likely find a solution ;-) etc.

Data Policy

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